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About Us

Proper Tantric massage - it's an amazing experience!  If you have never had a professional tantric massage you didn't know real pleasure. It is impossible to fully describe tantric experience, you need to try it for yourself.


This is a slow sensual seductive and spiritual erotic massage. Exciting teasing game. You will receive relaxation and loads of pleasure.


This is a fully naked body to body massage with hot oil.

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Session will start with a striptease, touching, teasing...

The masseuse will then do a good massage with relaxing music, dim lights, candles and aromatherapy.

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Our Angel will then perform different tantric methods, you will feel her naked body on your body covered with warm oil, you can see her in a mirror next to you, she will tease you from behind, will gently touch you down there, can do prostate massage if you like... Many clients find that they are able to carry some of these Tantric techniques of stimulation and relaxation into the bedroom after a session, enhancing their love life outside of the boundaries of the massage. Whether you are looking for a blissful sensual experience or are simply curious about Tantric massage, you will be pleased with the results of this heavenly treatment.

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After you turn

After you turn she will pour warm oil on your front...she will tease you with her beauty very close to your face, you can gently touch the masseuse.

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Like a cat she will move slowly touching your erogenous zones... She will sit on you and touch so you will have a feeling of a real sex but actually all will be done by hands only.

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We will focus on your erogenous zones, stimulating, touching, and teasing them to bring you to the brink . This is a good way to learn self-control and indulge in the pleasure of an experienced pair of hands stroking all your cares away.


In this way she can control your feelings taking you to heights of ecstasy, she will make you last longer...

We will not tell you all our secretes... as every session is unique and each customer is individual. Try and open tantric world for yourself.... you will love it more than sex!

At the end of the session

At the end of the session the masseuse will clean you, cover you with the white clean towel so you can rest and will provide you head massage and feet massage for your full relaxation and also you can have a shower. Shower and a fresh white towel is available

NOTE: To avoid misunderstandings - our services are massage services only - THEY DO NOT INCLUDE SEXUAL SERVICES. Our guests only play a passive role.

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